Delivery service

Dear client!

   Homestore offers conditionally free delivery service for furniture and free delivery service for carpets just within the city of Nur-Sultan. For delivery terms in a suburban area, you should contact the manager. Delivery of goods to other cities in Kazakhstan is possible for an additional fee, on this occasion you should also contact the manager of the relevant department.
    Delivery of furniture is conditionally free of charge, subject to availability of operating freight elevators and no returns and exchanges. In case of return of the Furniture legally within 14 days, shipping and return services should be compensated by client to the company. Also, in the event that freight elevators do not work, or furniture does not fit in the freight elevators, our workers will lift furniture manually via staircase to the upper floors, but this service must be paid separately. For more briefly detailed conditions regarding returns of furniture products, please contact to managers and salesmen of the department. 

   For customers from other cities, which are buying furniture, delivery and installation services are possible for an additional fee.

   To return goods other than furniture legally, buyer is obliged to bring the goods to the salon where this product was purchased.