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Betty Silk duvet – Light

Betty Silk duvet – Light

Silk duvets are becomming more popular nowdays. If you think that silk duvet are intended only for summer nights, then you are wrong. You could easily use silk duvet even in winter time, you just need thicker silk duvet. Also silk duvet is perfect alternative to the duvets with synthetic fiber fillings, because they are dust mite free and have some antibacterial characteristics. That is why silk duvet is perfect choice to people who suffer from allergic reactions. If you are hesitant in matter of choosing right duvet, below you can find five advantages of silk duvet, maybe silk duvet – is exactly what you need. 1. Silk is light, soft, and most importantly, it 'breathes', so a silk-filled duvet allows excess moisture to escape. Silk duvets assist in regulating your body temperature by keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer. 2. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust mites, so you will not suffer from allergic reactions or require a dust-mite encasing on your duvet. This makes a silk duvet a particularly desirable alternative to feather and down duvets for those sensitive to dust mites and their allergens, such as those who suffer from Asthma. 3. A silk filled duvet is believed to provide warmth more evenly than a down duvet as unlike down, silk as a duvet filling, does not require box stitching in order to be evenly distributed and eliminate cold spots. 4. Silk contains many amino acids in common with the human body. Therefore, though not medically proven, the Chinese believe that the amino acids present in silk are beneficial to the skin, whereby they activate the human skin cells to prevent vascular sclerosis, relieve itchy skin and help prevent arthritis, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity. 5. Silk duvets rarely require cleaning as they are dust mite free. It may be freshened up simply by being aired outside in the sun for an hour, or two.

  • Light summer duvet
  • Filling: 500g/630g fine Tussah wild silk, dehaired, 100% wild silk
  • Shell: fine maco satin, 100% cotton
  • Sizes: 155x220, 200x220 cm
  • Made in Germany
  • Duvets fitted with buttonholes for extra versatility: Most of the duvets in the Betty® range can be combined with each other by using the buttons provided. This makes it possible to transform a medium and a light duvet into a winter duvet in no time.
  • The newly developed craftsmanship of the exterior of the duvets is carried out in part without the use of bordering to guarantee particularly fluffy blankets which are extremely cuddly.
  • All duvets are made with innovative body zone pocket chambers – for perfect comfort when lying down.
  • Original Betty® duvets can be identified by the quilted logo indicating the type of filling and the Betty® name on the product labels.
Betty Silk duvet – Light Betty Silk duvet – Light

Betty® - bedding products of premium quality, manufactured in Germany! Homestore presents to you, bedding products of Betty® brand, manufactured in Germany. Betty® bedding, are made of selected raw materials, processed and refined using the latest technology, e.g. according to the Sanders Hyspring production methods, which makes for a particularly fluffy fleece. In addition, hand craftsmanship guarantee premium quality bedding products designed to offer you a good night‘s sleep and pleasant dreams.