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Betty Tencel Pillow

Betty Tencel Pillow

Everyone knows that fabrics are divided into two major groups: natural (of plant or animal origin) and synthetic (man-made out of other materials). Synthetic fabrics, in turn, also are divide into two: "made" from petrochemical raw materials (such as, polyester, polyamide) and "made" from natural raw materials, such as pulp. Common name of cellulosic fabrics – is viscose, and over the past decade, Europe's leading textile companies created new varieties of viscose fabrics, such as: tencel (lyocel); modal; bamboo, etc. Tencel – trade name of lyocel fibers (cellulose fiber produced from wood, which is further twisted into yarn and fabric forms). Of particular note is that the "invention" of the lyocell fibers – is the most significant discovery of the world's textile industry over the past thirty years! Why? Because it is virtually waste-free production and not detrimental to the environment, and the fiber itself has combined the best qualities of natural and synthetic fibers! First, we note the aesthetic appeal: Tencel fabrics (TENCEL) are pleasant to the touch and give a feeling of great comfort – they are warm, light and delicate. The surface is slightly velvety soft and has a slight sheen, inherent to the natural silk, but while touching the skin – it gives feeling of cotton. Second, the excellent "performance" qualities: This fiber type has a high tensile strength, both in dry or wet condition. In the wet condition, it is three times harder than viscose against tearing. Therefore, tencel fabric (TENCEL) is sturdy and durable. Tencel (TENCEL) less wrinkled than cotton, rayon or linen. It perfectly gets dyed, and maintains color stability for multiple washings. And third, the unique properties that make this fabric a truly outstanding invention: Made by environment-friendly technologies, from natural raw materials tencel fabric has high antibacterial properties, limiting the growth of bacteria; also it is a hypoallergenic material. According to water absorption and moisture absorption of tencel far exceeds cotton or silk (it absorbs more moisture and quickly takes it out). This feature ensures optimum microclimate of your bed – which, helps maintaining your bed dry and warm during cold nights, and dry and cool during hot summer nights.

  • Pillow
  • Quilted cover: Tencel satin, 100% Tencel, quilted with Tencel soft fibres, 50% Tencel, 50% Polyester
  • Inside cover: 100% cotton.
  • Filling: 550gr Sensofill beads, 100% polyester.
  • Sizes: 50х70, 80x80 cm
  • Made in Germany
Betty Tencel Pillow Betty Tencel Pillow

Betty® - bedding products of premium quality, manufactured in Germany! Homestore presents to you, bedding products of Betty® brand, manufactured in Germany. Betty® bedding, are made of selected raw materials, processed and refined using the latest technology, e.g. according to the Sanders Hyspring production methods, which makes for a particularly fluffy fleece. In addition, hand craftsmanship guarantee premium quality bedding products designed to offer you a good night‘s sleep and pleasant dreams.