Modern ınterpretatıon of tradıtıon...We grew up with fairy tales, and now it is our biggest dream to live with our beloved ones in a life like tales...Casablanca Series makes this a bit of a reality... The simple perspective of western design merges with the traditional lines of east. Unique harmony of white, oak, marble and copper details, soft curves, and peaceful designs... This new series awaits for those willing to live 1001 Night Stories in the 2000's...

  • Furniture set for guestroom and dining room
  • The console becomes prominent not only for it’s design and the usage of multiple materials but also for the cabinet with lid, multiple drawer opportunity, hidden spoon rack, and high foot structure providing ease of use.
  • The dining table draws attention with the design of it’s feet. The set has been combined with the Pure Chair.
  • Matte lacquer over beech massive wood has been used for the feet.
  • Melamine coated chipboard has been used for the wooden surfaces, mdf profile has been used at the corners, and high-strength marble looking laminated material has been used for the upper layers.
  • Mdf over membrane cover has been used for the imported white lids with traditional Moroccan motives.
  • "Hettich branded high quality, and silent tandem rails have been used in the product drawers. The bearing
  • capacity has been increased to 25 kg, and is resistent up to 80.000 push-pulls. "
  • Doors has soft and silent usage features thanks to its Hettich brand hinge.
  • Console: 2236x477x789
  • Console mirror: 1750x350x34
  • Dining table: 2220x1000x750
  • TV table, 180 cm: 1814x477x435
  • TV table, 180 cm, upper unit: 1806x994x314
  • TV table, 240 cm: 2427x477x435
  • TV table, 240 cm, upper unit: 2386x994x314
  • Sideboard: 1814x477x605
  • Coffee table, round: 1040x1040x300
  • Coffee table, hexagon: 455x390x503
  • Could be ordered separately
  • Made in Turkey