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Medinight pillow, Dacron 95

Medinight pillow, Dacron 95

Microfiber – is a fabric produced from 100% polyester, it is velvety, aesthetic, very durable, resistant to chemical and light exposure, breathable, in addition, it distributes static electricity effectivelly. Microfiber is highly durable, it has a rich palette of bright colors, and completely washable. Fabrics made of microfiber have high absorbency due to the very small diameter of fibers. Microfiber was developed in Japan in 1976. The name was given due to the thickness of the fibers, which are of a few micrometers. These fibers are ten times thinner than natural silk fibers, in thirty times – than cotton, forty times - than natural wool and a hundred times - than a human hair. Dacron 95° It all started with our desire to achieve one goal with each of the intricate production steps, which is to develop a soft fleece washable in hot water yet also offers a balanced and deep sleep. We succeeded. Dacron 95° – synonymous with pleasantly sleep, dry comfort and excellent washability. Also. Dacron 95 is the optimal solution for allergy sufferers.

  • Pillow
  • Cover: microfiber, 100 % polyester
  • Filling: Dacron 95° fiber beads, 100 % polyester
  • Sizes: 40х40 cm
  • Washing: Washable in 95 centigrade heated water.
  • Made in Germany
Medinight pillow, Dacron 95 Medinight pillow, Dacron 95

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