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We would like to present you CANVAS ART pictures printed on canvas shaped paper. CANVAS ART art prints are made by famous artists, in accordance with most actual trends in home interior design. Original paintings of well known artists are replicated by special printing machines on artificial canvas made from paper, with high definition. After printing, these art prints are being retouched with artist by hand. Handmade retouching and texture of real canvas, gives to these paintings real feel of handmade oil painting. CANVAS ART art prints, come in different sizes, and also they have multi piece art prints, which are one themed but consisting of two or more several art prints. Despite of big sizes, CANVAS ART art prints are very easy to install and have light weight. Single and multi piece CANVAS ART art prints, will give a special charm to your home interior design, and large selection of paintings by category, will make possible choosing the very one and ideal painting for your home. We wish you a pleasant shopping!

  • Product code: H-K-CW1065
  • Made in: Germany
  • Available in sizes: 60х80 cm
  • Material: Artificial canvas, wood
  • Special printing style, gives effect of handmade oil painting
  • Bright and saturated colors, which does not fade on sunlight exposure
  • Does not atrract dust and dirt
  • Easy installation
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