Homestore gift certificates

Dear customers!

Homestore invites you to purchase Homestore gift certificates. Our gift certificates will help you presenting the perfect gift to your beloved ones and friends. Before you purchase a Homestore gift certificates, we invite you to get acquainted with the general rules regarding these gift certificates.

General Terms of Use Regarding Gift Certificates

     Gift Certificate (hereinafter referred to as the "Certificate"), is a document in paper form, which is accepted as means of payment (or a part of payment) for goods and services provided. Following details must be specified on the Certificate: city, name of the organization, the series number, numeration of card, date of issue, amount and stamp. The gift certificate is the property of the organization that issued it. The certificate is used to purchase goods or obtain services from the range specified by the organization that issued the certificate. The prepaid amount of a Certificate holder, is counted as a cash deposit or advance payment for services rendered by the organization that issued this card. The holders of the Certificates are recognized as the consumer themselves, as well as a third person to whom this gift card may be submitted and presented. If the value of the goods and / or services at the moment of exchange of the certificate for goods is above its face value, then the bearer of the gift certificate, have right to pay the difference. If the value of the goods and / or services will be below the face value of a gift certificate, at the moment of exchange, in this case the difference is not refundable to the bearer of a gift certificate. The gift certificate shall be subject to a one-off (one-time) repayment. The gift certificate after use is marked by a service organization, indicating date of use, stamp and also signature of the bearer. Upon presentation of the gift certificate issuing organization verifies its authenticity.

    Gift certificates with various defects will not served. Acquired certificate is not refundable. Lost Certificate is not restored. The holder, when transferring (or donating) Gift certificate to someone, must explain these Rules to the new owner.